Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Old books

Every now and then my grandfather gives me one of the old books he got from an uncle who had an extensive library a long time ago. All those books are so well kept they almost seem to be new. I like this one which is a 1931 Macmillan edition, "Thy Servant a Dog" by Rudyard Kipling. The illustrations by G. L. Stampa are just great. And this book smells so good. I'll think I'll get some copies of the pictures and get them framed.  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vintage memory

My grandmother has an old trunk in her garret full of dolls' clothes she made in the 50s for my Mum and my aunt from left over fabric from my great-grandmother. There's one dress I always loved as a little girl because the fabric was so beautiful, faded pink with tiny flowers scattered all over it. Vintage. And then, some months ago, I found this very fabric in an online shop. That's thrilling. It comes in white pink and blue, and I was so happy to get it. 

Just a beautiful day

My first blog entry .... wow.
Not much to tell though... this is just an ordinary day... some reading done, some writing done, some sewing yet to do, lots of cuddling the babies, a bit of music and a cup of hot chocolate with some cinnamon in it. What more could you want?